We are the Color Matching Specialists


For all your Auto Paint Needs

Whatever your reason, we have all kinds of approaches for painting your vehicle. The biggest challenge for auto paint is protection from the elements. Let us show you how.


Paint for Color Matching

With more than 10,000 paint colors in quality formulations that range from high-grade enamel to single-stage urethane to basecoat/clearcoat, G&C provides the price and quality you want. We properly restore panels to their original condition while matching the paint with its stock color, which takes our expertise & experience.


Learn Why Auto Body Paint is Complicated

It’s purpose is to enhance & protect the beauty of the auto body design. It also has greater luster, shine, depth, & weather resistance than any other type of paint. Yet it is only .003” thick!

Paint – Appearance Matters

G&C helps maintain the value of your car by restoring it to its pre-accident appearance. We carefully align the exterior panels to ensure the seams between the hood, fenders, grill and bumpers are true to factory specifications. Then we apply our advanced color matching technology.

Did You Know?
Going Green with PPG’s waterborne automotive paint achieves not only a great finish, but it’s also good for our employees too. Since waterborne contains lower VOC than solvent, it’s easier to control the air quality inside our shops. We eliminate the harsh odors associated with using solventborne paint which benefits the environment.