The Crozat Family Foundation

The Crozat Family Foundation offers refurbished cars to those who have hit a pothole in the road of life. What started as a ‘Car-A-Month Giveaway’ on various local radio stations has grown into a foundation that provides support to the individuals and families we meet.

About the Crozat Family Foundation

The Crozat Family Foundation was born from a long-standing tradition of helping those in need of assistance in our community. As G&C Founder, Gene Crozat, has said more than a few hundred times, “it is our responsibility to help our fellow men.”


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We want to give cars to people with extenuating circumstances, where something unexpected, unforeseen, and unavoidable has happened. A tragedy or health issue…not a lack of responsibility or ability to run their lives on their own accord.


We hope to help our recipients get back on the road of life, giving a reliable ride and additional support to those who have fallen upon misfortune or endured catastrophic, unforeseen events. We strive to help create success where failure may have seemed inevitable.